How It All Started


A humble vision founded in India in the mid-1960s, Mr. Bharat Parekh's craft literally came to fruition from a cardboard box that he used as a workbench table. At seventeen years of age, and without any formal training in textile or print design, Bharat Parekh began developing his art which soon achieved world-class recognition.

He has catered to renowned fashion designers the world over sustaining a steady workflow of hand-printed scarves, shawls, stoles, and textiles from a rural Maharashtrian factory in Mumbai, India. Working from his core values, Mr. Parekh shares his profits to feed and care for vulnerable street animals without shelter and has always committed to employing women and families from the local villages who truly need livelihood. 

At Parekh Bugbee, we are proudly furthering this beautiful family tradition. 

This is the beginning of our journey. As the next generation, Parekh Bugbee is a supremely exciting venture for us, and we look forward to taking our father's vision into the future by offering quality handmade products to those who truly appreciate tradition and a homespun art form.