Care Instruction

Care and Cleaning

Our hand made and printed garments and scarves will not color fade or run under normal wearing circumstances. Washing of any silk and delicate products is surprisingly easy as long as certain precautions are taken.  For a long and lustrous life for all pure silk products dry cleaning or gentle hand washing is recommended.

 Guidelines to best care for your silk:

  • Please do not add any bleach products or heavy detergents when washing.
  • We recommend not drying silks under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  • While applying any perfume, cologne or hairspray while wearing. Do not let the silk come in contact with these chemicals while applying, as it can cause marks and irreparable damage. Instead, it is recommend to make your garment the last thing you put on while dressing.

Ironing your silks:

  • Simply hanging a silk garment while running a shower will remove most wrinkles.
  • Iron silk on very low setting to avoid burning and dulling color.

Drying your silks:

  • To keep the garments or fabrics in proper shape – simply hang up the silk to dry. Hanging silk always helps to preserve its original shape.
  • Do not dry the silk in direct sunlight.
  • We highly recommend not to put silk products in the dryer as it will damage and shrink.

Silk stain removal:

  • Best advice is to please dry clean your garment.
  • For minor food stains do not wash the silk directly on the local spot, as it will leave a ring on some colors of the fabric.

Caring for your wool:

  • For best results and a long life to your delicate wools, it is highly recommend that you dry clean all wool garments and wool blend fabrics.