When Architecture Meets Fashion

We're thrilled to be a participating brand partner in Megan Berry's inaugural micro pop-up shop in St. Louis, Missouri. The open air kiosk designed by Berry is a 6 x 6 x 8 foot birchwood and black plexiglass boutique and was constructed onsite at Maryland Plaza in the Central West End of the ctiy. The store is open for business this weekend and features FOUNT, Rooey Knots, NUUFORM, and Parekh Bugbee - all brands that Berry curated as "handmade, sustainable, and timeless." 



Berry, who recently earned her Masters in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, founded the concept for Vala Collection, a traveling micro boutique exclusively showcasing online fashion brands. "Our custom micro boutique is an opportunity to showcase samples of artisan garments enabling customers to touch and feel the authenticity of the crafted clothing and accessories prior to purchasing,"  she said.  "Our trained associates then guide customers through our mobile purchasing system for items to be mailed to them, an identical process to purchasing online."  


After this weekend's success, she's taking Vala Collection on the road. What a concept! Good luck Megan!


Above images by Nicki Dwyer

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