New Beginnings. Welcome to Parekh Bugbee!


Welcome to the world of Parekh Bugbee. This moment in time marks our maiden e-voyage and we're thrilled you're here to celebrate with us!  From humble roots our wearable textile venture traveled with us to trunk shows, boutique stores, art galleries and pop-up shops in a trusty vintage Mercedes-Benz.  And now, our online ascension!  Think of it as our opportunity to stretch the wings a bit.  A chance to toss our own brand of color to the wind.

We invite you to stay connected with us as we forge this intrepid realm of all-things-brick-and-mortar-less.

Please take some time to enjoy and peruse our product catalogue. And be sure to bookmark us at for frequent visits, as new and exciting collections of exquisite products will be popping up at a regular clip. 

Pure silks, cottons and wools. The finest blends. Screen printed fabrics adorned with innovative twists on the traditional. In a few words: poignant evergreen beauty. All of it sits at the fore, but there's a bit more to the story...

In the day of the technology boom where computer-driven digital design and mass manufacturing flood the market, we offer and celebrate the human touch.  Authentic limited edition hand-crafted textiles uniquely conceived and printed with skill, care and grace.  

KNPRINTS, our Mumbai-based family owned company for the last 45 years, is world renowned for its manufacturing and design chops.  As the third generation here at Parekh Bugbee, we are honored to further the tradition by featuring elegant collections of scarves, stoles, shawls and pocket squares produced exclusively by KNPRINTS for Parekh Bugbee. 

We never go very far without a camera (sometimes two or three!) so you'll definitely see a lot of visual inspirations crop up in our Lookbooks and new Collections sections.  We're also eager to illuminate the meticulous craftsmanship that undergirds traditional silk screen printing and the fascinating back end of the manufacturing of our products.  Our video page will serve as an ongoing window behind the scenes into this fascinating process and will also be a base camp for lots of other "moving pictures." 


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