We offer a wide variety of versatile hand-printed women’s cashmere wool shawls, cotton blend shawls, tussar silk shawls, and unique handmade wrap shawls. A shawl is the perfect garment choice for neck and upper body warmth on blustery, wet, and freezing days of the season. Shawls also serve as an elegant fashion statement with length for versatile wearability. And whether it’s for warmth and comfort on those long, overseas flights, or simply to keep the chill at bay on a fun night out on the town, our limited edition hand printed shawls are just the right choice for the occasion.
All of our silk shawls and cashmere woolen shawls are made by hand and printed with craftsmanship.  They are truly one of a kind.  
What’s the difference between a shawl and a scarf?  It’s a great question.  The short answer is shape, material, texture and style. The shape of a scarf is usually made into a square, or very thin and long. Shawls, on the other hand, are often woven into long, wide rectangles, and are traditionally worn loose around the neck and with enough extra fabric to gracefully cover the shoulders and sometimes the head. Shawl gets its name from Sanskrit.
Our Ahalaya series shawl is also hand-printed and displays a bold and beautiful blend of traditional Indian paisleys and modern concepts to bring out the life of the fabric. Woven bold bordered edges, these shawls provide volume and girth. The Ahalaya shawls also has the distinction that it gets softer with each wear. An everyday staple shawl that you will most certainly fall in love with each and every time you put it on.
Our Mata series silk shawls are a premium designer limited edition collection. They are quite simply buttery soft on the skin. This pure silk shawl is hand-printed with discharge – a unique printing process. Available in a wide variety of animal print, paisley, and vibrant color combinations.
For taking care of your precious silk & woolen shawls, click on our Care Instructions link (always located here at the bottom of our site) for a complete guide on tips and cleaning instructions.